The Sixth Cambridge Postgraduate Conference in Language Research. Photograph by Christian Richardt.

Information for presenters

Abstracts (oral and poster presentations)

Abstracts must be e-mailed to us by Monday 22 November at the latest. Abstracts should ideally be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

You should try to keep your abstract at around 300 words (as with the abstract you submitted for review), although it is acceptable to exceed this limit if you need to make additions or alterations in light of your reviewers' comments. In any case, it is highly preferable that abstracts should not exceed one side of A4.

You may find it helpful to download our abstract template.

Please bear in mind the following formatting guidelines when putting together your abstract for the abstract booklet:

  1. Set your font: Times New Roman, 12pt
  2. Set your margins: 2.54cm (1in) on all sides
  3. Title: bold, centered, capitals at the beginning and after a colon only
  4. Leave a blank line
  5. Author's name: First name Last name (in that order), normal text, centered
  6. Author's affiliation: italic, centered
  7. Author's e-mail address: normal text, centered
  8. Leave a blank line
  9. Body text:
  • fully justified;
  • no indent for first paragraph or paragraphs following examples;
  • all other paragraphs should be indented by one tab stop (1.27cm)
  1. Examples:
  • no indent;
  • put example numbers in brackets - e.g. (1) - and identify sub-examples using letters - e.g. a.;
  • provide glosses and translations, and align glosses using tables (see the template);
  • use small caps for grammatical morphemes - e.g. 1SG, NOM etc.
  1. Leave a blank line after the body text
  2. "References" in 10pt bold
  3. Leave a blank line
  4. Make sure your references:
  • are fully justified;
  • have a hanging indent of one tab stop (1.27cm) on subsequent lines
  1. Format your references as follows:
  • Author, A. 2010. Name of book. Place of publication: Publisher.
  • Author, I. & B. Author. 2010. Article title. Journal volume.number: page-page.
  • Author, I. 2010. Chapter title. In B. Author (ed.) Collection title. Place of publication: Publisher, pp. page-page.
  • Author, I. 2010. Manuscript title. Manuscript. University. Available online: http://...
  1. Save your file, using your surname as the title!

if you need any further advice on preparing your abstract, formatting references, or if you have difficulty submitting your abstract in Word format.

Poster presentations

Download our guidelines for poster presentations

Note: We strongly recommend that you prepare and print your poster before coming to Cambridge. However, if you must print your poster in Cambridge, we suggest using Plan-It Reprographics, just of Hills Road. They offer a fast turnaround and competitive pricing.