The Sixth Cambridge Postgraduate Conference in Language Research. Photograph by Christian Richardt.

Conference Venue

For information on travelling to and around Cambridge, please see the travel page.

The Computer Lab

The conference will be held in the University of Cambridge Computer Lab, which is housed in the William Gates building on the West Cambridge site. The following map shows its location.

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Getting there

On foot / by bike
By bus
By taxi
By car

On foot / by bike

The Computer Laboratory is about 2km west of the city centre, along Madingley Road, towards the American Cemetery. It takes about 40 minutes to walk from the centre of town, and about 15 minutes to cycle.

You might find this Google map with cycle and footpath route helpful.

By bus

There are two buses you can take to the Computer Lab:

The Citi 4 bus runs between Kings Hedges/Arbury Park and Cambourne/St Neots, and goes via the City Centre and the West Cambridge Site.

The Uni 4 bus runs between the Madingley Road Park and Ride Site and Addenbrooke's Hospital via the West Cambridge Site and the City Centre.

Both the Uni 4 and Citi 4 buses stop on the West Cambridge Site itself, very close to the Computer Laboratory. In the City Centre they stop on Silver Street (on the west side of Silver Street Bridge) and Trumpington Street (near the Fitzwilliam Museum, and near Pembroke Street).
Returning from West Cambridge, their route in the City Centre diverges after the Silver Street stop: the Citi 4 runs along Pembroke Street and Downing Street to a stop outside John Lewis, while the Uni 4 follows the Trumpington Street route.

If you are making a return journey (i.e. going both to and from the Computer Laboratory by bus), it is cheapest to buy a "dayrider" ticket.

Citi 4 timetable.

Citi 4 routemap.

Uni 4 timetable. (The Uni 4 runs along the same route as the Citi 4 between Silver Street and the Computer Laboratory.)

By taxi

The Computer Laboratory recommend that you ask for "the Computer Laboratory building near the Vet School off Madingley Road", as the lab has only been on the West Cambridge site for a few years, and so not all taxi drivers are aware of where the building is. The lab is also next to the Cavendish Laboratory.

By car

We strongly advise against driving to CamLing. Parking in Cambridge is difficult to find and expensive, and there will not be any parking spaces provided at the Computer Laboratory.